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An ATC card exchange community
A T X   R U L E S

Welcome to the ATRoCITY (Artist TRading CommunITY) Card Exchange. While this is not your typical art exchange, the rules are very similar!

On the first of every month, there will be a roll-call post. To participate, comment with the completed request form. You don't have to participate every month if you don't want to. Roll-call will be open for a week--then, every participant will be sent an e-mail with a randomly chosen artist to draw for. Post a scan of your finished card to the community before the last day of the month, and mail it off to your exchanger! In return, you will also get an awesome "trading card" of the character you requested. It's what we call a give and take.

To recap:
  1. Have a valid email address.
  2. Post a description of your character.
  3. Make a card for someone else's character, scan it, and mail it.
  4. Wait.
  5. Profit!

D E T A I L S ,   S H M E T A I L S

How do I join?
This is a closed membership community, because we are snooty and elitist. You will have to request to join, and then note one of the mods with someone who can vouch for your artskillz and ability to make a dinky card in a month. If you pass our thorough background check (i.e. we check if you've got a prominent page on Encyclopedia Dramatica and ask our friends if they think you're a dick or not), you will be invited!
Addendum: There is a quality control in place, so a certain quality of art will be expected. We are looking for a basic knowledge of anatomy, and an average or better command of real media (digital will be accepted if you really just absolutely cannot manage real stuff.)
What's an ATC?
An ATC (or Artist Trading Card) is... uh, well, it's an artist trading card. All ATCS are 2.5" by 3.5" (6.35cm x 8.89cm), and they can be whatever medium you can fit in there. They're not necessarily on card stock, either--it doesn't matter, as long as they fit the size.
Do I have to do real media?
We would prefer it, but if you absolutely do not want to experiment with real stuff, we will settle for prints of CG paintings sized down to 2.5" x 3.5".
What if I can't finish in time?
We understand that, sometimes, life happens, and finishing a card for an online community is suddenly not your top priority. If something comes up, let us know. If you can't (or don't) finish your exchange card in time, then we ask that you not sign up for another exchange until you finish. The artist you were drawing for will be put up for adoption in the meantime.
My scanner broke!
You would not believe the number of scanners that suddenly malfunction once someone joins an art exchange community. As this is a real media exchange, we will not be accepting broken scanners as an excuse. Take a digital photo of the card with your friend's cell phone just to prove you made one, and mail that sucker off.
I don't want to give out my address, but I still want to participate.
If you like, you can opt to keep your address private. Only the mod/s will see it. Your exchanger will mail your card to the "hub" (a mod's address), and the mod will mail from there. If you don't want anyone to have your address, you can still participate, but won't be receiving cards in the mail, of course. We ask that you muster the courage to leave your return address off the envelope when you mail your own card off, though.
What's the theme of this community?
No theme. None! This community is anything goes. You can request whatever you like, in whatever style. Just... don't get somebody arrested.
Can I ask that someone draw my friend's character/fanart of another character?
Absolutely! We don't care. As long as art is being exchanged for art.
Can I request more than one character, to give people an option?
As I understand it, a few of you are furfags and want to ensure you're not making your Chosen One uncomfortable by forcing them to draw yiffy vixen furporn or whatever the hell it is you degenerates fap to these days. (ilu ravyn) If you are one of these beautiful people, or if you just plain can't pick, you are cool to app for two characters. Just don't expect two cards.

T H E   M O D ( S )

Right now, Rai (sheepyrai) runs this thing all by her lonesome. We're still pretty small, so I'm handling things okay. But once we start expanding, I'm definitely going to need a volunteer!

For any and all mod questions, you can contact the mods in the following ways:
Rai (sheepyrai)
E-mail: rswitter@ gmail.com
AIM: Beats Back Death
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