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Hey Rai!
lelenia wrote in atrocityacx

Heathcliff: Uh Vicky are you really sure we should be in the woods alone at night?
Vicky: This is Washington, Heathcliff.... there are Cullens here and it's my solemn duty to stake them!

I like these cards, they give me a reason to not do things I am supposed to be doing on Mondays.... they are also a reason for me to use eyeshadow as a medium!  XB  This is markers again so it didn't scan very well, the colours are a bit better in person and the lines aren't quite as crunchy.  Hope you like! :)

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(Deleted comment)
Yay thanks! I think I'm going to buy some glitter nail polish to bling her shirt out a little bit more before I put the card in the mail XD

It amazes me how much detail you get into those little cards @_@ I love the colors, and their expressions are priceless! X3

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