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Even Abyssi gets an onsen episode.
veloxiraptor wrote in atrocityacx
I, ah, didn't want anyone to feel too ripped-off by my inability to rock out traditional media, so I looked for opportunities to add some kind of bonus to the picture to sweeten the deal. Thus: Bonus Tsuki!

ACX - Abyssi's Onsen Episode by ~veloxiraptor on deviantART

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Woooow, Abyssi looks hot, and not just because he's in a hot-tub O_O And Tsuki is just adorable XD She looks like she isn't sure what to do with a hot-tub! XD

(Deleted comment)
The question that haunted me the entire time I was making this was "does this look like him?" I think Abyssi can really punish artists that try to go off-model. He just wants to look the way he is!

It is so gratifying to know it worked out XD;

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