July 30th, 2009


There are 31 hours (sort of) left until the card scans are due!

We are still waiting on masterpieces from:

You guys have until midnight pst tomorrow to get the scan posted! If you can't finish this round, let me know asap! I'm on AIM name beats back death all night, and my email is rswitter @gmail.com

I am going to stray from my tentative guidelines for this next round and put the new sign-ups up on the 1st of August, to be closed on the 7th. Doing the Monday thing makes some months very awkward. If you haven't finished your card by then and plan to, please do not sign up for the next round until you post a scan of your July assignment!

A note also to people who are looking for other artists to refer: I am going to do one more month with the group we have now before inviting in new artists. Thanks to the fact that Livejournal is a bunch of butts who can't make it work properly, I can't just invite people, they have to request to be invited. When they send their request, they should also note me with their referrer's name (i.e. you), and an art gallery with their recent stuff in it. That way I don't get a bunch of invites and go "wait, who the hell is this."