July 6th, 2009

ROLL CALL! July 2009

Roll call for this month is closed! Emails detailing your Atrocious Exchanger will be going out soon!

HEEEEEEYYYYYY welcome to the first roll call for the ATRoCITY Artist Card Exchange! Roll call will be open until Monday, July 13th.

The rules are pretty simple.
  1. If you want to participate in this month's exchange, fill out one of the forms below (either for if you're requesting an original character, or fanart of an existing character, like Emma Frost, or Doctor Who, or something).
  2. Next Monday, emails will go out with your Randomly Chosen Exchanger. Draw their request on an ATC,
  3. scan a picture of it for this community,
  4. and mail the actual card to the address provided.

When posting the scan of your card, please tag your entry "For (requester's ljname)" and "By (your ljname)," so if someone else wants to find all cards done by you, or all cards drawn for them, they can find it easily through the tag list.

Please also make sure you fill out both the Member List Form to officially join, and the Mod Info Form before you post. I need to at least know your e-mail and mailing address for you to participate.

Also, keep in mind: We're drawing on trading cards here. Don't expect a whole scene, and don't feel bad if you can't fit five characters into one card. For examples of what can be inflicted on these little cards, check out what other artists on DA are getting away with.

Card scans for this round will be due July 31st. Please also have your finished card mailed by then!

With that said, here are the forms. You can enter more than one character form if you want to give people a choice between "here is my animu avatar" and "here is my furfag avatar," for example.:

Member Info
MAX RATING OF PICTURE: (from G for "Safe4Kids! :D", to XXX for "PENISPENISPENIS")

Request Info
(For original characters)

REQUESTS: (use this space to request specific things, like "can you draw them entirely in sepia tones?" or "can you draw them enjoying a fine buffet of peasant brains?")
REFERENCES: (use this space for any reference pictures you may have of the character, or for specific details like clothes, jewelry, or weapons)

(For fanart)
(Note: Technically, if you are a requesting a custom-made character, from say, World of Warcraft, you could use either of these forms. It's not like I'm going to get picky or anything.)
SOURCE: (which video game/movie/book series are we talking about here?)
REFERENCES: (an absolute must! please provide reference pictures of the character we're drawing here)
REQUESTS: ("Can you draw Mewtwo kissing my female Pokemon trainer?")